We love telling stories with images, emotions and natural light.

We are a daughter and mother team who believe that everyone is beautiful and photos are here to tell the story of who you are on a soul level.
In our photography, it is not about how you look or only your physical appearance, we want to capture the light of your soul and truly show you who you are.

We want you
to see yourself through our photography work
We love shooting in natural light and in an environment you feel truly comfortable and at ease.
Eos Koch


My name is Eos and in my work and life, I am guided by my intuition and make decisions in alignment with my soul.

I am a lover of beauty. Inside and out. The simplicity in everyday life, in the perfect colour combination and the shape of nature, makes me feel at peace. Beauty for me is never about perfection, but about balance.

I was born and raised in Switzerland near the Lake Constance, but since then lived in Italy, the French speaking part of Switzerland, Ibiza and now in Menorca. I love languages and speak fluent English, German and Italian. I understand and speak a little bit of French and Spanish.

I travelled through the Sahara desert in the north of Africa, with my parents when I was just three years old. Our home for one year was a red camper, since then a lot of years passed. I am still a gypsy at heart and love to explore the world, meet openhearted and minded souls like you and express myself through beauty and design.

So happy to meet you, drop me a line and say hello. I am looking forward to getting to know you.

Li Tara Koch


My name is Li Tara. I am 16 years old and I love living with my parents who support me in my dreams, my wonderful 10 year old sister and our 3 dogs in a house close to the beach.

I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. Through my photography I want that you see yourself and can recognise how truly beautiful you are.

I love the different flavours of a well prepared meal and therefore it is a joy to me to try out new recipes that are healthy and nourish me and my family.
I am careful to prepare food that is not only good for our bodies, but is helping to make our planet a more sustainable and peaceful place.

Love is my passion and I was fascinated by the beauty of wedding ceremonies since I was a little girl. I could look wedding videos for hours and love making collections of beautiful wedding images to dream up my future wedding.

Here on the Island of Menorca we have the most beautiful sunsets and sunset time is the favourite part of the day for me.

We are storytellers and in our photography sessions we want to capture and tell the story behind your brand or life. Have a look at some of the projects we where happy to be able to co-create.